Celebrating The Reign of Jesus for the Renewal of our City

We are a church gathered on the west side of Denver, Colorado.

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus (the good news about his life, death, resurrection and reign over all things) transforms every facet of our lives, and that God’s declared intention, in and through the gospel as it is declared and embodied in the church, is the renewal of all things - including our city.

We also believe that, in that our lives are lived before God, every person’s life says something about our relationship to God. The announcement about Jesus renews how we relate to God. In that, it produces renewal in every facet of our lives: how we identify ourselves, who we strive to be in our relationships, the significance of our families, and the impact we feel called to make in our work.


Trinity is marked by a commitment to a few core ideas about who we want to be as a church:

The Gospel is central to everything. There is nothing so central to our life as a church as the celebration of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and reign. It is central to our worship, central to our preaching and teaching, central to our counsel and to our discipleship. We don’t believe that it is possible to move past this central announcement of the Christian faith, its depths and power go on forever. Our prayer for you is that this good news about the Good reign of Jesus would change your life forever.

The Church is a family and hospitality should permeate its life. The Bible uses many different metaphors to describe the life of the church, but perhaps none so poignant to the church’s mission as that of the household or extended family with hospitality as its ethos. Our prayer is that you would find in Trinity not simply a set of religious goods and services, but a family where you are welcomed, fed and loved. 

We believe that Jesus is winning. Darkness is being rolled back, the world is, even now, being renewed as Jesus reigns over it. This work is slow. This work is hard. But the Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead is raising us from the dead, moving into every sphere of society, and wielding His people to teach the nations to love and obey everything that Jesus has commanded us. Our prayer is that you would come to see and believe that God is actually renewing the whole world and our whole lives now. He often draws straight with crooked lines, but He is, in fact, resurrecting the universe.

We will be marked by the joyful and grateful pursuit of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. The key here, of course, is the question: By what standard? It is important to answer that our pursuit of these things will be grounded in a commitment to biblical faithfulness and confessional rootedness. God has called us to be a people who believe what is true, love what is beautiful and who do what is good. Therefore, we study and submit to the Scriptures, humbly listen to the gifts God has given the church throughout her history, attend to the ongoing leadership of the Spirit, all the while marveling and studying the world God has surrounded us with. We will encourage the renewal of all cultures along these biblical and trinitarian lines. So we will confess the faith, eat good food, patronize the arts, sing hearty hymns, enjoy good stories, and love all the gifts God has given to and surrounded our city with. Our prayer is that you would come to love what is really True, delight in what is truly beautiful and learn to do that which is good. 

We are seeking the flourishing of our neighbors. The phrase “common good” is a difficult phrase. “Good” assumes a standard, and not all people share the same standard definition of “good.” The church throughout her history has served her neighbors - whether believing or not - and sought their flourishing. We want our neighbors to worship Jesus. We also want our neighbors to have lives marked by as much truth, beauty and goodness as we can help muster on their behalf. Our prayer is that you would taste the goodness of God as it has real ramifications on your life and on your neighbors’ lives.

We invite you to come and join us, hear the remarkable claims of Jesus, discover the family he has created in the church, and share in God’s renewal of all things. 


We are a Confessionally Reformed, liturgically covenantal, Presbyterian and catholic church. 

What do you mean Confessionally Reformed?

What do you mean liturgically covenantal?

What do you mean Presbyterian and catholic?