We are Confessionally Reformed

Every church believes certain things to be true and other things to be false. Trinity is no different. We adhere to the ancient creeds and confessions of the church, and particularly we use the confessions and catechisms of the 16th century reformation, and particularly the Westminster Confession of Faith as a summary of what our pastors believe and teach concerning what the Bible itself teaches.

Adhering to the Westminster Confession of Faith is not required for membership, but it should provide you with a clear understanding of how we approach reading and teaching the bible.

While there is certainly more to Christianity than historic doctrine, we believe that God has entrusted the church with a body of theology to be delivered to God's people and passed to each subsequent generation. While God nourishes us by His Spirit through the Scriptures, we want to receive and deliver the rich deposit God has given to his people through the Westminster's summary of the Scripture's teaching.