We are Liturgically Covenantal

Liturgy simply refers to the shape that the church's worship takes. Covenant describes the way that God binds himself to his people through his promises and by keeping those promises in history. When we gather as a church, we do so as a covenant people and our worship culminates in a covenant meal wherein God feeds his people and once again makes covenant promises through the body and blood of Jesus. Our worship is designed to remind us of this each time we gather.

Human beings are shaped by the habits we practice. Our liturgy is designed to not simply teach but shape, through habit, our loves and our entire way of living in the world. Our liturgy helps us not simply to know true things about God, but to experience these things as we gather in God's presence to be fed by him.

For many of us, this approach to worship is new and can feel strange. Here we are in a well-lit room, surrounded by... well, people. And then we're expected to sing - loudly, and read and respond and pray and kneel and stand and then raise our hands. Everything we do in this liturgy is intentional. It is all meant to shape us as well as to teach us.

Our Sunday worship centers on the central means God uses to feed and nourish his people: the Word and sacraments. The Scriptures feature prominently in our singing, our praying, our reading and are the foundation for all our preaching. We come together around a table with bread and wine where all baptized Christians are welcomed to eat bread and drink wine. And this table is, at its heart an invitation to all. It is an invitation to put all your hope in Jesus, to believe in Him and to be fed by Him.