We are Presbyterian & Catholic

The word presbyterian is an odd word in our day. Many think of it as a church brand, and not always a good one. But the word really simply refers to the way a church is led and cared for. A presbyter is an elder and our church is led by a group of elders.

We have a few different kinds of elders at Trinity, each leading different areas of responsibility within the church. Parish elders are responsible for pastoring the members of our church. Each of them is assigned to a group of these members in our church with the responsibility to provide counsel and care. The Ministering elder is primarily responsible for overseeing gathering of the church on Sundays for worship and the larger mission and direction of our church in the city. Teaching elders oversee different areas of ministry in the life of the church.

Trinity confesses with the Nicene Creed that, "We believe in one holy, catholic and apostolic church...." This is a statement of faith in what God is actually up to in the church throughout the world. When we look around we see a church that appears splintered and divided into endless divisions - the farthest thing in the world from catholic - or united and encompassing- church. But we confess and seek to recognize in tangible ways the promise and prayer of Jesus: that the church is and will be one. While we confess certain things to be true and we structure our church in particular ways, we do so in the promise that God is at work to bring our grand, expansive, international and historic family together in our confessions, our worship and our mission.

We invite you to join Trinity as a member. By doing so, you intentionally come under the care and leadership of our elders who are commanded by God to feed God's people.