Trinity gathers weekly at Edgewater United Methodist Church:


the service


We come together every Sunday because we thoroughly believe that we were made to sing songs to God, to honor his name. In singing of this God and engaging a pastor’s sermon, we thoroughly believe that God is pressing to make His name known in every aspect of our lives and of our city.

What does it look like? By His Spirit, we come into the presence of God together. We sing, pray, hear the Scriptures preached and celebrate communion together. 

Whether you believe the gospel is true or you are considering the claims of Christianity, we encourage you to join us for worship.


Children & Worship

Our church's Sunday service might look different from what some families are used to in that we encourage the family to stay together for worship.

We believe that when we gather, we gather as God's family. This provides opportunity for our kids to learn how to sing, pray, confess sin and receive God's grace alongside their parents and the rest of the community.

{For more on the programs we offer and what it looks like to worship as a family.}




There is ample street parking along 25th Ave., Fenton St., and other nearby neighborhood streets.  Please be thoughtful to our neighbors in choosing where to park.  

The main entrance for Trinity's worship service and children’s class is found just under the bell tower on 25th Ave.