Trinity Church is a community convinced that Jesus Christ is a good King. He is a king who died to save us from our sins. He is a king who was raised from the dead. And he is a king who reigns now for the renewal of all things. 

 Our church began as a small group of friends began imagining a community of churches throughout the Denver metro area that would be committed to worshipping Jesus, serving our neighborhoods and inviting our neighbors to come and consider the claims of Jesus. 

Trinity Church Denver is a new church plant joyfully committed to embodying and inviting our neighbors into glad submission to the good reign of Jesus over all of life. All churches have distinctives and ours is no different. We believe that certain things are true and other things aren't. We've organized our church in a particular way, and not in another way, and so on. We are confessionally reformed. Our worship will be organized around a weekly renewal of the gospel (which means that we will celebrate communion each week.) We believe that God has spoken to us through a book, and so we'll commit ourselves to reading, studying and obeying the Scriptures. We believe that the history of the church is marked by a rich repository of practices meant to form us as men and women in grace, and so we'll use those to help us as we seek to live faithfully and lovingly in our city. We believe that the world we inhabit is not the world of secular materialism, rather it is marked deeply by the presence of God's Spirit working, sustaining and renewing all things, and so we'll seek to intentionally keep in step with what the Spirit is doing in us and around us. Keep checking back here and you can find more details on what we are doing here.

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