infant and child baptism

Baptism is one of the foundational practices of the Christian church. Historically, there has been universal agreement that all those who come to believe that Jesus is Lord should be baptized, but there has been two different positions on what to do with the children of those who believe in Jesus.  Some have believed that we should only baptize individuals who confess belief in Jesus and have thus left children unbaptized until they reach an age to make the decision for themselves.  The majority of the church has believed that the covenant structure of the Bible and the language used around “household baptisms” indicates that infants of believing parents should be baptized. 

At Trinity we believe that the children of believing parents are to be raised as members of the covenant community and should therefore be baptized, but we will also leave this decision up to each household.  In other words, if your family does not believe that your infants should be baptized, we leave the responsibility for that decision up to the fathers and mothers of those children. 

We want to spend time, as a church, discussing not only the Biblical reasons for household baptism but also thinking through the practical ways this effects parenting and how we raise our children.  Please join us at 6pm on Thursday, March 1st & Thursday, March 15th at the Brown's home for discussion around this topic.  Details on these discussion nights is found here.

Below are some resources that we hope will help you process and think through household baptisms:
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believers baptism

On Easter Sunday, and other times throughout the year, Trinity will baptize new Christians or anyone who has not been baptized but confesses a belief and has faith in Jesus Christ.  Please email Brady Riley at if you would like to discuss baptism.